Our Trip to London

Hey guys, we are the 10c and we went to London for our farewell trip in September.

In my opinion, the London trip didn´t start out very nicely because we flew there by plane…which I hate! Everyone was excited but I just cried long before the plane even started. Then the plane landed, everyone was tired, while I was sick because of the flight. Later there were complications at the hotel. Also, the hotel rooms weren´t the cleanest. All in all it wasn`t the best start…

We woke up upstairs and went down to get breakfast (which, as it turned out, took place in another building), but no one from our class was there. So we started to enjoy breakfast without our class. Selinay „organized“ breakfast for us, meaning, she talked to the receptionist and we watched her… The breakfast was very good after all!

Later our teachers Mrs. Stelljes and Mr. Ramezani gave all of us an Oystercard for the tube and at that moment the fun with the cards began… But let me explain. You always have to check in with the card when we entering the underground. I can say that it isn´t that easy with 18 students and two stressed out teachers. At times several people from my class didin´t check out properly, so they couldn´t check in or, at other days, some of them checked in incorrectly, so they had no money on the card. Or one time my card didn´t have any contact with the scanner so I didn´t check in and I was already in the tube area. Later I couldn´t go out without talking to an employee and that wasn´t fun! He first didn´t understand my problem. And I tried to explain it to him ten times. My teachers helped me out thankfully…

But actually, I wanted to write about day 1: We went to the Natural History Museum (where I bought my little brother a T-Rex cap), after that we went to Buckingham palace to see the famous “changing of the guards”, but it didn´t take place that day. So we had to go again another day… We also had fish and chips that day, which is a specialty in Britain. On Wednesday we hiked in a big park (Primrose Hill) and we went to a soccer game. Westham United was playing that day. On the last day, we went to Oxford street for some shopping and bought some random stuff. All days were good and pretty cool, except for the flight there and back again. I simply hate flying!

Zerda Celebi, 10c